Although composite materials are extremely durable and can withstand heavy usage in harsh environments, it is vital that adequate care and maintenance is undertaken on an ongoing basis to increase the useful life of the product. 

To ensure that the product is kept in its best condition and to maximum it’s useful life for years to come, we recommend that you undertake the following practices.

1). Always inflate your ski before use:

Prior to use, always inflate your ski by blowing into the bung located at the front your ski with 3-5 deep breaths before sealing. The increased air pressure will provide greater strength, rigidity and overall performance. 

NOTE: Do not inflate if the product is hot, always cool it down first.

2). Keep out of direct sunlight:

Try to avoid leaving the product in direct sunlight wherever possible. 

Although our products are made for use outdoors and are subject to direct sunlight, when the product is out of the water and is exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods, this can cause severe damage.

When selecting the colour and designs for your ski, we recommend that you try to minimise the use of dark colours which generally absorb more heat from the sun in these circumstances and are subject to heat damage much faster than lighter colours.

If you have not alternative other than to store your ski in direct sunlight for a temporary period, NEVER LEAVE THE BUNG CLOSED and it is recommended that you ALWAYS USE A HEAT RESISTANT COVER to protect your ski from sun damage. Find out more information on our heat resistant covers.

NOTE: Damage to your product incurred from exposure to direct sunlight may void your warranty.

3). Remove the bung and drain after use:

After you have finished using your product and have left the water always remove the bung at the front of the ski and drain of any moisture which has entered the product during use.

It is normal for a small amount of water to enter the ski during use, however if an excessive amount of water is found inside the ski, please contact us for further instructions as repairs and maintenance or a warranty inspection may be required.

4). Always wash the ski down with fresh water after use:

To help maintain the high-quality gloss finish, it is recommended that the product is always washed down with fresh water after use.

If you have access to soft sponge, warm water and a mild soap or detergent, washing down the product in this method provide even better care for your product and prolong its useful life.

5). Regularly remove fittings and accessories:

To keep your product in optimum condition, we recommend that you frequently remove and thoroughly clean and rinse all fittings and accessories to help preserve them for a longer useful life.

Fin: Frequently remove the fin from the fin box and thoroughly clean the fixing mechanism and rinse with fresh water. While the fin is removed, clean the fin box with warm water and a mild soap or detergent removing any salt, sand, dirt, or mould.

Backrest Support: Remove after use, wash with warm water and a mild soap or detergent and rinse well with fresh water removing any excess soap of detergent.

Storage Hatch: Remove cover after use, wash down the internal area with warm water and a mild soap or detergent and rinse well with fresh water. Remove excess water, dry with a soft fabric and store with the cover removed.

Foot-straps & Carry Handles: It is not recommended to remove these unless they require replacement. It is recommended however that these are thoroughly washed after use with warm water and a mild soap or detergent removing any salt or sand to prolong the useful life.

NOTE:  If you require any replacement parts, these can be purchased from us separately.

6). Take care transporting your product:

Most damage occurs during transport and for this reason you need to take care when securing the product and lifting on/off your car.

It is recommended that a protective cover is always used during transport to help protect your product from damage.

Tie-downs: Always use flat tie-down straps with a plastic fixing mechanism to secure your ski. Find out more information on our tie-downs.

NOTE: Do not over-tighten straps, this can severely damage your ski.

Cradles: It is recommended that you use surf ski/kayak cradle accessories specifically designed to your roof rack system. These will secure your ski during transport and help to protect it from damage.

7). Storage:

It is recommended that you always store your product in a sheltered, dry, and cool area. 

Always remove the bung and any covers, and store with the deck facing to the ground to allow the drainage of any residual moisture. We highly recommend that you store the product inside a protective cover to minimise exposure to dust. Find out more information on our protective covers.

Many storage solutions are available to purchase on the market, feel free to contact us for recommendations.

IMPORTANT:  As these products are used overtime normal wear and tear is unavoidable, however with a certain level of care and maintenance you can help to reduce general wear and tear and ensure that your product lasts for your enjoyment for many years to come.

If you have any queries regarding care and maintenance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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